Who we are?

We are young, progressive socialists, fighting for freedom, equality and social justice. We believe that a world without wars, exploitation, injustice and discrimination is possible. We want to replace the capitalist system with a self-governing, democratic, non-discriminatory socialist society.

We are a youth organisation, but we are convinced that one cannot organise the fight against neoliberal and conservative hegemony without a democratic socialist party. Unfortunately, the Polish parliament lacks a truly leftist party. The so called "centre-left" groups and politicians responsible for social cuts, restriction of workers' rights and enthusiastic support for US aggresion in Iraq. On the other hand, the extra-parliamentary left is weak, conflicted, sometimes sectarian. We believe that a socialist alternative for the mainstream politics must be built based on internal pluralism and true democracy.

Young Socialists were founded in 2005. Currently we consist of c. 40 regional organisations. Although we are a youth organisation, gathering activists who are between the ages of 16 and 35 years old, people over 35 are eligible for supportive membership.

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8 kluczy do zrozumienia "efektu Podemos"

8 kluczy do zrozumienia "efektu Podemos"


Wydaje się oczywiste że pojawienie się Podemos w partyjnym spektrum okazało się wstrząsem bez precedensu w...

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